Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Bitter Texan

We just returned a long vacation. It was all great except for our interaction with a woman from Houston with a chip on her shoulder so big, I was surprised that her tiny frame could carry it. She is some distant relative of my husband's; so distant that he had no idea who she was and had to ask his sister later. When she talked to him, she commented that she hadn't seen him since he was a small toddler. She then whispered, "And your mother was nursing you," like it was a dirty secret she'd carried for thirty-four years. Why in the world did she even remember that? Obviously because it was so horrible to her that it stood out in her memory. More importantly, why did she think it was okay to say that him? Either he'd be grossed out (probably what she hoped) or he'd take it as a slight to his mother (he did). Our two year old didn't ask to nurse during the visit, but I was tempted to whip out a breast and offer it to her just to freak this Texan out ;)

If the breastfeeding reference wasn't obnoxious enough, the woman made nasty comments about Katrina refugees in Houston, "They're all on welfare." Something tells me that this woman is racist; it kind of goes with her general air of ignorance. I hope to never see her again, but if I do, there is a good chance that I'll be breastfeeding my black toddler...I have visions of her running screaming into the night :)