Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sound of Machines in the Morning

  1. Wake up to the sound of two year old wheezing beside me in bed.
  2. Mix together steroid and two tubes of other asthma med because doctor doubled the dose after I refilled the original prescription.
  3. Convince two year old to sit on my lap for thirty minutes, breathing in the nebulized meds and watching cartoons (Miss Spider is a stupid show, even two year old got tired of it quickly).
  4. Make sure two year old gets enough water after treatment.
  5. Feed two year old breakfast.
  6. Instruct six and eight year olds to eat something for breakfast (Mom's not making anything this morning).
  7. Pour cup of coffee (I know, caffeine dehydrates and isn't great for someone trying to use a pump to maintain a milk supply, but I have allowed myself a vice).
  8. Settle down with coffee and breast pump for forty minutes.

I swear that between the drone of the nebulizer and the rhythmic beat of the breast pump, I am either going to go deaf or insane.

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